(Re)Beats: Johnny Depp on Kerouac

Continuing our exploration on The Beats generation in Fashion History: Couture class today, a classmate drew an interesting observation of actor Johnny Depp as the parallel or rather, the transgressive/post-modern narrative that speaks and lives its attitude. Then tonight while looking for Kerouac readings and Cassidy letters online, I came across this clip of Johnny reciting Kerouac’s work just as James Franco recently did for Ginsberg in Howl. I love this and thought I’d share it with you guys:

The weather’s starting to get a bit unpredictable in New York City as autumn is creeping in. One thing I have learnt after my initial two months in the country is that pouring rain, thunderstorms and lightening are in fact, fright-worthy when you’re living in the States. You do get splashed all over by cabs turning a street corner and you do feel like the thunder’s out to get you and crash through your ceiling – a chunk of my kitchen ceiling is a living proof (partially also because of the mice club up there as well as the 100 years old glue that keeps it together). Tonight is no exception to bad weather – on the bright side, and going in theme with that I’ve started – I am going to turn up some Steve Lacy, finish my final two chapters of William S. Burroughs’ ‘Naked Lunch’, and get my third fix of caffeine to wind down up my weekend.

P.S. David Cronenburg of the crazily fantastic VideoDromes directed an adaptation of Naked Lunch in 1991, for those of you who may be interested (although I recommend the book first). Here’s the trailer for a taster:

Have a lovely weekend!


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