Six Scents Parfum x Azuma Makoto’s “Longing for Contact”

A multi-media collective creation, Six Scents Parfum and haute couture florist’ Azuma Makoto presents “Longing for Contact”, a six-part collage progression series inspired by Azuma’s contributions to Six Scents: Series Two. These ‘digital’ posters combine Azuma’s original artwork with elements of package design and the designer mandated fragrance concept for each scent. Series Two continues this exploration of … Continue reading

Izima Kaoru in Yohji + Jil

Izima Kaoru was born in Kyoto in 1954; he lives and works in Tokyo. He began his career as a fashion photographer and has contributed to numerous international magazines. He is the founder and editor in chief of the magazine zyappu. Kaoru’s narratives, which are generally suggested by the subject herself, present a heroine who is … Continue reading

Global Narratives Project

In class a week ago we each “threaded out” three images from the fantastic, eye-popping book (Un)Fashion edited by Tibor and Maira Kalman. Concentrating on global fashion elements, we looked at how how around the world adorned their bodies through different types of wear associated with military, ethnic, religious and uniform elements. I pulled out meanings … Continue reading

Dalton Ghetti’s Sharp Miniatures

I came across the work of 49 year old artist Dalton Ghetti the other day. He really does make sharp edges work – with the steady hands of a surgeon, he creates art from the extremely small medium of pencil leads and tips – without a magnifying glass. Brazilian born and Connecticut based, the artist is currently … Continue reading

(Re)Beats: Johnny Depp on Kerouac

Continuing our exploration on The Beats generation in Fashion History: Couture class today, a classmate drew an interesting observation of actor Johnny Depp as the parallel or rather, the transgressive/post-modern narrative that speaks and lives its attitude. Then tonight while looking for Kerouac readings and Cassidy letters online, I came across this clip of Johnny reciting … Continue reading

Dawn Tan’s Food Homebodies

I am always delighted to meet fellow food lovers out there who are taking a step up from simply consuming and making it something grand. Melbourne-based artist Dawn Tan who is studying at the VCA has noted that she loves food so much that it inspires her to make art out of it. In her current … Continue reading

Ah&Oh Studio: Scent Stories

Mafda Katek and Kamil Jerzykowski of Ah&Oh, a Polish graphic/visual/product communication studio now based halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, has come up with this brilliant scent packaging concept “Scent Stories” inspired by the great dark, distinctive literature and the strong characters of George Orwell, Marquis de Sade, Sir Edgar Allan Poe and Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. … Continue reading

Printemps Loves New York

Weeks following its Fashion Week, the monumental Printemps department store in Paris is spreading it’s love for it’s transatlantic fashion capital – New York – by spreading it all over their front window display, and I absolutely love it. Fifteen iconic New York fashion designers including Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Proenza … Continue reading

Be Fine, and not Fast: On Fashion & Food

There will be a lot of F-words in this post. Fashion and Food – Oh my two loves, and I know if it didn’t tickle your fancy it wouldn’t have caught your attention too. They are so different but really the same – frenemies so to speak. Just as food can now be fashionably fancy, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon

Yesterday was supposedly John Lennon’s 70th birthday. As a New York newcomer, I really experienced the spirit of the city come together when I walked towards Central Park at night. They were screening Michael Epstein’s new documentary LENNONNYC (2010) at Central Park as part of the 48th New York Film Festival. Here’s a synopsis of … Continue reading