(Re)Beats: Johnny Depp on Kerouac

Continuing our exploration on The Beats generation in Fashion History: Couture class today, a classmate drew an interesting observation of actor Johnny Depp as the parallel or rather, the transgressive/post-modern narrative that speaks and lives its attitude. Then tonight while looking for Kerouac readings and Cassidy letters online, I came across this clip of Johnny reciting … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon

Yesterday was supposedly John Lennon’s 70th birthday. As a New York newcomer, I really experienced the spirit of the city come together when I walked towards Central Park at night. They were screening Michael Epstein’s new documentary LENNONNYC (2010) at Central Park as part of the 48th New York Film Festival. Here’s a synopsis of … Continue reading

Bande A Part x Nouvelle Vague x Fashion Inspiration

Thanks to my Fashion History: Couture class, I’ve been discovering some pretty neat things on Youtube (and a legit excuse to go on it more often). We’re currency covering The Beats Generation – bebop, Ginsberg, Kerouac, the French New Wave and the likes – and being a complete Godard obsessive I was happy to have … Continue reading

Howl (2010) – Robb Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman

As per my usual Friday night ritual, as opposed to planting my seat in a bar, I found myself at Angelika Film Center on West Houston above SoHo, lining up to see Howl upon it’s second day of release. Admittedly I have always been more exposed to Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs than I … Continue reading

Chanel – Shopping Fever, a Short Film by Karl Lagerfeld

Following Lagerfeld’s Remember Now Trailer for Chanel’s 2010/2011 Resort Collection (think St. Tropez, Euro Dance Club – see below), the Kaiser introduces this short clip, starring Miss Abbey Lee Kershaw and Dree Hemingway as pampered young shoppers who’ve decided to have a bag fight after a exhausting day of shopping, then finally collapsing on their … Continue reading

Mysterious Skin (2004) – Gregg Araki

Mysterious Skin (2004) has got to be one of my favourite movies of all times. Gregg Araki is an amazing visual director, and while this is a shift from his earlier cult status B-grade work (The Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy), his use of colours and cinematography remains brilliant and his written screenplay is an excellent adaptation … Continue reading

Nowhere (1997) – Gregg Araki

My favourite ‘Valley Girl’ scene extracted from Nowhere (1997), a Gregg Araki movie in his Teenage Apocalypse trilogy. Gotta love Shannon, Traci, Rose and James Duval in their earliest moments …and that Beverely Hills on acid look! What the hell is that creature anyway? And is it just me or does the colorful trio reminds me a … Continue reading

The French Kissers (2009) – Riad Sattouf

On my last night in Sydney last week I saw a movie solo. While stumbling past Palace Verona on Oxford Street, Paddingon I was lucky enough to preview of comic book writer, Riad Sattouf’s directional debut The French Kissers (titled Les Beaux Gosses – literally The Hot Guys). No better way to spend a Friday … Continue reading