(Re)Beats: Johnny Depp on Kerouac

Continuing our exploration on The Beats generation in Fashion History: Couture class today, a classmate drew an interesting observation of actor Johnny Depp as the parallel or rather, the transgressive/post-modern narrative that speaks and lives its attitude. Then tonight while looking for Kerouac readings and Cassidy letters online, I came across this clip of Johnny reciting … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon

Yesterday was supposedly John Lennon’s 70th birthday. As a New York newcomer, I really experienced the spirit of the city come together when I walked towards Central Park at night. They were screening Michael Epstein’s new documentary LENNONNYC (2010) at Central Park as part of the 48th New York Film Festival. Here’s a synopsis of … Continue reading

Bande A Part x Nouvelle Vague x Fashion Inspiration

Thanks to my Fashion History: Couture class, I’ve been discovering some pretty neat things on Youtube (and a legit excuse to go on it more often). We’re currency covering The Beats Generation – bebop, Ginsberg, Kerouac, the French New Wave and the likes – and being a complete Godard obsessive I was happy to have … Continue reading