Linus Morales’ Fabfood

Seems like you’re on your path to consuming guilt-free, fashionable calories. Swedish Photographer Linus Morales’ ‘Fabfood’ series depicts Karl + Coco’s imprint on a sausage, LV toasties, Gucci on a slab of bacon and Fendi on the tots. Each food consumable placed together on a plate, et voila, here’s your big breakfast (where’s the egg?). Is … Continue reading

Fashioning the Body – A New Narrative

Have you ever thought about why we wear what we wear? What does it means for (the collection of) garments when it’s worn by us? How does it change everything? The city is a scape painted only to its completion added by the droplets of character and richness bought together by wear, reflected and bouncing … Continue reading

Global Narratives Project

In class a week ago we each “threaded out” three images from the fantastic, eye-popping book (Un)Fashion edited by Tibor and Maira Kalman. Concentrating on global fashion elements, we looked at how how around the world adorned their bodies through different types of wear associated with military, ethnic, religious and uniform elements. I pulled out meanings … Continue reading

Be Fine, and not Fast: On Fashion & Food

There will be a lot of F-words in this post. Fashion and Food – Oh my two loves, and I know if it didn’t tickle your fancy it wouldn’t have caught your attention too. They are so different but really the same – frenemies so to speak. Just as food can now be fashionably fancy, … Continue reading

Bande A Part x Nouvelle Vague x Fashion Inspiration

Thanks to my Fashion History: Couture class, I’ve been discovering some pretty neat things on Youtube (and a legit excuse to go on it more often). We’re currency covering The Beats Generation – bebop, Ginsberg, Kerouac, the French New Wave and the likes – and being a complete Godard obsessive I was happy to have … Continue reading

What does Heritage mean to us? LV sees Shanghai, Kenzo to Kabuki, Armani goes Nomadic

The ‘H’ word is back it seems – with new meanings. In the globalised climate, the issue of heritage is in the height of discussion (think the ‘Made in Italy’ crisis and Burberry’s shift away from plait and being quintessentially British). The term itself has shifted away from simply indicating geographical origin, to suggesting genuine ethos, promises, and … Continue reading

Jean Paul Gaultier goes Interior: x Roche Bobois

We saw what the man did for the Elle Decoration Suite at the Palais de Challot in Paris after two editions done by Christian Lacroix & Martin Margiela (It’s on through October so if you’re in Paris go see it). Jean Paul Gaultier and his long time love for interior design finally takes its release. A … Continue reading

Gareth Pugh SS11 Virtual Live Runway

Mr Pugh, thank you for bringing something amazing once again. At this year’s Paris Fashion Week, there was an absence of real models and a real runway – instead we get a virtual show presented by, and a very good one at that. Just as a performance is for theatre, catwalk is for stage. … Continue reading

Fashion 2.0: The Rise of Digital Flagships

Couture is (seemingly) dead, and the luxury market has gone 2.0. It was once thought taboo and ineffective to move haute fashion online, as brand marketers feared they would lose the ‘aura’ that makes up the desire for luxury and lifestyle. But thanks to Apple, Twitter, WordPress and Youtube, we now have all the tools … Continue reading

A Century of Fashion, Art & Dance

“The cut of the scissor is like the click of a camera or the whirr of a movie camera, like a stroke of the pencil or paintbrush: all these acts decisively isolate a form or representation, marking a surface that generates a reality. The cut puts an end to the traditional representation of the image, … Continue reading